On BJP website's MPs list, there is no Modi!

PUBLISHED : Jun 29 , 1:38 AMBookmark and Share

LUCKNOW: Social media and internet interface may be the buzz words for Prime Minister Narendra Modi but the BJP seems to be caught up in some embarrassing time warp. Its official website's parliamentary sections have no mention of Modi being an MP.

While there is nothing wrong with the home page - www.bjp.org - the problem lies in the list of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members.

Indeed, if this list is to be believed, Modi is not even an MP while deceased leaders like Gopinath Munde and Dilip Singh Judeo represent the party in the Lok Sabha.

A beaming picture of Vidisha MP and external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj greets you on the Lok Sabha page — www.bjpinloksabha.com/index.php — as the leader of opposition!

The situation is no better on the Rajya Sabha page (bjpinrajyasabha.org) where now finance and defence Minister Arun Jaitley is listed as a mere MP.


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